Frequently Asked Questions

What type of calligraphy do you do?

Using Latin characters, I can write in a wide variety of historical Western scripts – Roman capitals, Gothic, Uncial, Italic, Copperplate – and their many modern variations. I also enjoy contemporary lettering and combining calligraphy with illustrations.

I am familliar with the Cyrillic script, but take comissions only on case-by-case basis.

Do you do graphic design as well? What about illustrations?

Yes, I am happy to come up with complete visuals for your special event, product, brand, space… You name it. A combination of print and handwriting is often the ideal solution. I can prepare a digital file for you to print, or even arrange its printing.  Let’s talk to see what works the best for you!

How long in advance should I book?

As soon as possible – the more time we have to fine-tune the details, the better. At least 1 month ahead for workshops and live-writing at events, 2 months ahead for most comissions, and a minimum of 3 months ahead for weddings.

Do you do rush orders?

If time allows, yes, depending on the size and scope of the project. However, please be aware that I charge an extra 50% on top of normal fees. 

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the scope of work and the materials used; please tell me your idea, and I will provide a price calculation.

The cost of materials used is included in the final price. I can also write on stationery you provide, in which case I require 15 – 20 % additional stock of your stationery.

The minimum order cost is 500 CZK.

Example Pricing:

Place Card (2 words): 100 CZK/ piece

Wedding/ Event Invitation:

    • Calligraphic design for print: 5 000 CZK
    • Name and surname written on an invitation (2 words): 100 CZK/ piece
    • Address written on an envelope (3 lines): 200 CZK/ piece
    • Wax seal on invitation or envelope: 40 CZK/ piece

In the calligraphic design for print, I offer: 1) Two different initial designs based on your ideas, of which you pick one. 2) A revision of the chosen design according to your feedback. 3) Another round of small revisions which will lead to the final design ready for print. (Any further major revisions will be at an additional, pre-agreed cost. The final product is a digital file ready for print. If you wish, I can handle the printing and any other additional work for you (adding a wax seal, putting in envelopes, etc.), at an additional cost.

Short Quote (digital file/ original artwork): 1 500 CZK/ 2 500 CZK

Baby Birth Monogram (illustrated monogram + name + birth statistics): 3 500 CZK

Where do you deliver to and what is the cost?

I can deliver around the world using the optimal shipping company. The price for each order is calculated separately; you will receive the shipping cost along with the initial price calculation.

What are your payment policies?

For comissioned work: 50 % of the total as a non-refundable deposit paid in advance.

For live writing at events and workshops: 100 % upon booking.

Cancellation fee:

  • Up to 5 weekdays ahead of the event or workshop: 50 % of the total amount
  • Less than 5 weekdays ahead of the event or workshop: 100 % of the total amount

Rush fee: +50 % of the normal price.  (Depending on the scale of the work, “rush” generally means 5 weekdays or less before the due date)

Invoice is due 30 days after delivery of the calligraphy.

Late payment fee: 3 % of the total amount per day.

Do you give workshops?

Yes, I do – upon request and adjusted to your goals and needs.